Verify site security in Internet Explorer

Below are instructions with steps on how to verify SSL certificate used by a website on an Internet Explorer web browser. Please note that you cannot verify security certificate on Internet Explorer Edge version.
1) Type URL you want to verify into an Internet Explorer address bar.
2) Make sure that URL starts with https:// and that lock button is displayed at the end of an address bar.
3) In order to view the certificate, you need to click on a lock button on the right side of the address bar.
4) After clicking on it, you will see a small pop-up window with the certificate details.
5) In order to see actual details of an entity which registered the certificate, you have to click on “View certificates” link at the bottom of this window.
6) To open full certificate details click on a triangle next to “Details”.
7) Look at the information about certificate owner and make sure that it looks legit and matches an owning entity of the website. If you have any suspicion about information in the certificate contact customer support of the website in question.