ACES ETM is a web portal which provides L Brands employees with access to Employee Time Management system. L Brands is a large American retailer which include following brands:

  • Victoria’s Secret
  • Bath & Body Works
  • Pink (sold through Victoria’s Secret)
  • Henri Bendel
  • La Senza

ACES ETM system login process

It is important to understand that ACES ETM is a portal where you will be accessing your personal information via the internet connection. Thus, you need to ensure that you’re accessing this information via secure computer. You as a user are responsible for keeping your username and password private.
Below are login instructions for L Brands employees:

  1. Open your browser
  2. Navigate to ACES ETM page at
  3. Select language you’d like to use at the bottom of the page
  4. If you’re a store associate you need to type your 6 or 7-digit Employee ID number into User ID field (do not include 0’s at the beginning). Type password associated with your Employee ID into Password field.
  5. If you’re DM or Home Office associate you need to type your Network ID into User ID field and associated password into Password field.
  6. Click on “Submit” button to proceed with login
  7. You should now be logged in to ACES ETM system

If you don’t have your password set up yet you need to contact Stores Technology Services at 1-877-415-7911.

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