Employee Corporate Portals

Employee corporate portals simplify and organize access to employee benefits. All large companies nowaday use some form of employee portals which give employees a single point of entry to their benefits.

Below is an example list of services which corporate portals may provide to employees:

  • Health insurance benefits
  • Life insurance benefits
  • Dental health benefits
  • 401k/IRA access and management
  • Working schedule and employee calendar access
  • OOF time request tool
  • Stock/Options plan access and management
  • Expense report tools
  • Employee handbook
  • Company mission

Typical corporate portal will have a login which employee can use to access and manage personal data, plans, and benefits. But for some employee services companies could utilize third party portals. In these cases, main corporate portal will only contain a link to a third party website providing certain service. Employees are responsible for keeping their login information secure since unauthorized access to corporate portal could lead to identity theft of one or multiple employees but also to a damage to the company business.

Due to distributed nature of many companies business corporate portals frequently are open to the internet. On a positive side, it gives employees with a quick and easy way to access corporate portals. On a negative side it opens possibilities for various attacks on corporate portals or employees utilizing internet. This includes hacking corporate portals or phishing attacks when hackers try to impersonate themselves as a valid corporate portal.

On this website we collect information about corporate portals, list valid entry points to corporate portals and provide with information to employees on how to avoid most common types of phishing attacks that they can experience.