Upsers is an HR and benefits portal for UPS employees. It is used by UPS employees around the globe to access their benefits, manage health and dental plans, access other programs provided by UPS to its employees.
Below are several examples of services accessible via portal.

  • Health plans management
  • Access to UPS employee discount programs
  • W-2 forms download
  • Paycheck and direct deposit management
  • Recent UPS news
  • UPS stock quote

Only UPS employees are authorized to access UPSers portal.

UPSers Log on Process

It is important to understand that UPSers is a portal where you will be accessing your personal information via the internet connection. Thus, you need to ensure that you’re accessing this information via secure computer. You as a user are responsible for keeping your username and password private.

Below are login instructions for UPS employees:

  1. Open web browser on a secure computer
  2. Type or into your browser address bar.
  3. Select language you’d like to use via a Language combo box
  4. Type your User ID into User ID field
  5. Type your Password into Password field
  6. Click on “LOG IN” button on the right
  7. You should have access to UPSers portal now

First time login

If you’re using portal for the first time you will need to use a one-time initial PIN. Below are instructions on how to construct it:
Two last letters of your Last name (for example Johnson becomes jo). You need to type letters in lowercase only.
Two last digits of your year of birth (for example 1975 becomes 75)
Two last digits of employee ID (if your employee id is 0032312 use 12)

  • Last name is Johnson
  • Born in 1975
  • Employee id is 0032312
  • PIN is jo7512

Minimum requirements for UPSers portal access

Browser requirements.

  • Microsoft® Internet Explorer version 9.0 or higher
  • Chrome 34 or higher
  • Firefox 28 or higher
  • Note: Beta versions of browser software are not supported.

Your browser should also support Javascript in oder to be able to access